About us

Our History

The Tams family has been in the grocery industry in Lethbridge and southern Alberta for over 40 years. Ed got his start when he was 14 years old in 1973, working with his Father in a family operated meat market known as Vantas Economy Meats. Over the years, together with his father Hank and his brothers Joe & Glen, the family expanded their business to include The Coaldale Food Market in 1981, owned & operated by Joe, The Taber Food Market (now Taber IGA) owned & operated by Glen in 1984 and Shop Easy Foods located in Lethbridge in 1991.

In 1995, Ed began the Lethbridge Food Market in it’s present form as a wholesale / distributor company servicing primarily the Hutterite Community across western Canada.

Today we are pleased to serve over 350 colonies with a large selection of groceries, quality meat products & fresh fruit direct from the Orchards as well as health supplements & related products

Please visit our product page and see for yourself the enormous selection of products that we have available and remember….


Ed Tams

Ed loves to be busy and will tell you that “coming to work is like a holiday for him.” He attributes all of the growth here at LFM to the fact that he has great customers. In addition, one important lesson he learned along the way was that he needed to surround himself with very good people. So please take a moment and meet the rest of the team!!

Ron Hoogerdyk

Ron started working in 1998 in the warehouse unloading trucks and stocking shelves. As a result, today there is not a single question that he cannot get you the answer for; from how much does it cost to whether what you need is in stock or whether it’s on the way. To make a long story short, today Ron is responsible for the daily operations here at LFM.

Teresa Wall

Teresa is Ed’s daughter. She started working full time for LFM in 2010. She mans the pharmacy here at LFM.

Have a question? Talk to Teresa as she has the answer for you!

Jason Wall

Jason started working for LFM in 2016. He’s a licensed pipeline welder/fabricator and heavy duty mechanic. He has been working in the oil patch and with the downturn began considering his options. We’re happy to say that the oil patches loss is our gain. Together with our other truckers, Jason will be serving all of our territory Customers.

Jethro Hoogerdyk

Jethro is Ron’s son. He started working for LFM in 2017. He usually is the first one to answer the phone, and loves to provide great customer service.

Willie Hoogerdyk

Willie started working for LFM in 2002. He controls everything that moves in and out of the warehouse. He makes sure his warehouse team knows how important it is to ship as neatly and completely as possible. Every single order – for every single customer – every single day – gets the same concentrated level of attention to detail.

Bob Elliot

Bob started working for LFM in 2007. He came to us with a long history in the grocery business having worked at SAVE-ON Foods for 25 years. He spends his time sourcing and securing samples for our Christmas showroom and enjoys presenting them to you either on location here in Lethbridge or visiting you at various towns and cities in Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba.

Will Malcomson

Will started working for LFM in 2018.  Together with our other truckers, Will serves all of our Eastern (SK, MB) Customers.  He also services our Christmas Candy showroom and enjoys presenting them to you either on location here in Lethbridge or visiting you at various towns and cities in Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba.

Irish Dumali

Irish started working for LFM in October 2020. She is responsible for all of our accounts payable and receivables and will answer any questions you may have.

Monica Vandasselaar

Monica started working for LFM in 2013. She handles the day to day shipping and receiving responsibilities in our warehouse, making sure items are shipped on time, or received and stored correctly. She takes pride in keeping the warehouse organized, which is a really big job as the seasonal items come and go.

James Hall

James has been with us for many years. He takes pride coming to work early, getting everything organized and cleaned up, ready for another busy day. From customers, to salesmen, and even delivery drivers, everyday some one compliments us on how clean and organized our warehouse is. Thanks James, you do good work!!!